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Clothes Women Wear
Is there a link between productivity, success and how you dress? In accordance with Human Resource professionals, 95% of the workforce dress inappropriately for their jobs. They wear clothes that undermines their credibility, masks their abilities and considerably reduces their income. In a survey conducted by career advisers by Simply for Men, nearly 70 percent said appearance affects salary. Nearly 65 percent disclosed a minimum of one male customer had lost out in a job search because he looked too old. As Baby Boomers age, the men's group in personal care products has exploded in response to their need for products to help them maintain their youthful appearance. 

With regards to women, society certainly does judge you by how you look and the garments you wear. A Cornell University study found that whenever white females wear an extra 64 lbs, her wages drop 9%. The U.S. BLS found that there is a statistical importance Wage punishment for overweight and fat white women - and the general obese group requires has a wage loss of 12%. As perception is reality, be conscious of how you are perceived on the job, at meetings and with customers. While functionality, knowledge and experience are needed and often ensure continued usage, the new economics standards for being hired, prosperity and advancement often rest up to personal appearance as functionality. 

Through your look along with clothing, you teach others how to treat you. Does your Clothes and your personal grooming habits uncover an individual that's responsible, self respecting, sincere and dependable or carelessness, indifferent and unreliable? Additionally you uncover yourself esteem, education and earnings level and social status.