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Where others see impenetrable challenges, they see challenges to adopt and barriers to overcome. Their confidence in this face of hardship is led by the capacity to forego the pessimism that holds a lot of otherwise sensible individuals back. Martin Seligman at this University of Pennsylvania has analyzed this phenomenon over anyone else has, and hes discovered that achievement in life’s driven by one crucial distinction whether you think that your failures are created by personal shortages beyond your control or they’re errors you’ll be able to fix with effort. Success is not the only thing determined by your own mindset.


Seligman has discovered much higher rates of depression in those who attribute their failures to personal shortages. Optimists fare better, they treat failure as learning experiences and also feel they can do better later on. This success state of mind requires emotional intelligence, and its no wonder that, one of the million and individuals that Talent Smart has analyzed, ninety percent of top performers have high EQs. Maintaining the success state of mind is not easy. There are seven things, particularly, that have a tendency to shatter it. These challenges drag down people since they appear to be obstacles that can’t be overcome.


Not so for powerful people, as these seven challenges never hold them back. Age – Age actually is only a number. Successful people do not let their age define who they’re and what they’re capable of. Simply ask Betty White or some other young, thriving entrepreneur. I remember a professor in grad school who told our class we were too youthful and inexperienced to do consulting work. He said we’d to go work for another company for many years before we could hope to succeed as independent consultants. Dont listen to them. Successful people definitely dont. They follow their heart and also allow their passion not the body they are living into be their guide.


They follow their heart and also allow their passion not the body they are living into be their guide. What Other People Think – Whenever your own sense of pleasure and also satisfaction are derived from comparing themselves to others, you’re no longer the master of your very own destiny. While its impossible to turn off your own Responses to what others think of you, you do not have to hold up your successes to anyone elses, and you may always take peoples opinions with a grain of salt. This way, regardless of what other individuals are thinking or doing, yourself worth comes from within.


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